Car Shipping to Kuwait from USA

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Car Shipping to Kuwait from USA

Shipping Cars to Kwait from the USA

If you’re wondering how to ship a car from the U.S. to Kuwait, there are many steps involved and missing just one could cost you both time and money.

Fortunately, we’ve been shipping cars to Kuwait for more than 20 years so we’re well equipped to handle the entire process from start to finish.

If you are interested in getting the cost to ship your particular vehicle, the number will depend on a few factors. We’ll first need to get the information regarding your car, like the model, location, etc..

Information to Know Before Shipping a Car to Kuwait

The first step for anyone deciding whether or not to ship a car to Kuwait is to determine whether it’s even possible. Kuwait has strict import guidelines for cars and other vehicles.


  1. The only way that non-nationals can bring a car and legally import it, is through their employer and it must be in under the employer’s name
  2. Only Kuwaiti nationals can import a car into Kuwait without a sponsor
  3. The car can’t be more than 5 years old from the present year. The max for trucks is 10 years

If any of these aren’t met, then there’s no need to ship your car because it will not be cleared by customs. Should the vehicle be eligible then the next step for is us to receive it at one of our U.S. locations.

Tax Information:

Customs duty for vehicles in Kuwait is 5% CIF, meaning the 5% fee is assessed on the total value of car/truck, marine insurance cost(if applicable) and the freight charge.

There may be additional duties and taxes depending on the nature of the import and the status of the consignee (the person shipping or receiving the vehicle in Kuwait). It’s always best to discuss this with your salesperson before booking.

Auto Transport Services

We know that not everyone will live close enough to one of our warehouses to be able to drop the automobile off, but this is an option for every client of ours.

Whether you are shipping a car to Kuwait from New York or from a smaller more rural city, we can transport the vehicle to any one of our departure ports.

For automobile shipments to Kuwait, we recommend having it transported to New York or one of our locations on the east coast for departure.

It’s a shorter sail time but it will always depend on what you prefer and which method fits your specific scenario.

In addition to domestic transport, our services also include full vehicle inspection with photos, doc receipt and we handle the entire customs process for exporting your car from the U.S. to Kuwait.

Shipping and Import Documents for Kuwait

There are certain documents that you will need both for shipping and importing a car once it arrives. Before a vehicle is shipped, your auto shipper will need the following:

  1. Valid title for the car
  2. Proof of registration
  3. Bill of lading
  4. Purchase invoice
  5. Power of attorney

Once it arrives in Kuwait City, customs there will need the previous documents along with:

  1. A temporary import permit (must apply for in advance)
  2. Letter from your employer (for non-Kuwaiti nationals)

Car Shipping to Kuwait: Three Methods

There are essentially three methods used for moving a car overseas. Two of them use ocean transport while the other uses air freight. Fortunately, our port of entry in Kuwait City offers services for both of the ocean transport methods.

The first method involves containers and it’s the ideal method because it suits single vehicle shipments and those looking to ship multiple cars. It’s cost effective as well when you use a consolidation service like ours.

Sole container services are more expensive in terms of transportation and destination fees but can have a quicker arrival date.

Shipping a car to Kuwait using the roll on roll off method is an option for anyone shipping a single vehicle without any additional goods from home or personal effects.

If you do choose this option, the service will leave from either Baltimore or New York. It’s about the same time frame as with using our container service (6-8 weeks on the water), but you’re more limited because not every port offers Ro-Ro. 

Air freight is by far the quickest way to ship a car. The entire process takes between 7-10 days; however, it can be more expensive so it will all depend on your needs, if you choose it over the other methods.

For further information or to find out how much it costs to ship your vehicle to Kuwait, Contact us or Ask a Car Quote

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