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Car Shipping to Finland from USA

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Car Shipping to Finland from USA

Shipping Cars to Finland from the USA

Deciding whether or not to ship a car to Finland rather than purchasing one after you get there can be a lot of work.

The main issues being cost differences, reasons for use, and the hassle of dealing with customs and paperwork. Some of the information in this guide will address the following topics:

  • What ways can the vehicles be transported?
  • How long does it take to ship a car to Finland?
  • How much does it cost?

Luckily, we’ve got more than 20 years experience and our goal is to make this process easy on you. You can get a quick rate for the transport costs from us in minutes.

Ways to Ship a Car to Finland

There are three methods that one can use and each one of them has pros and cons. The three main methods of shipping a car to Finland are inside a container, using roll-on roll-off, and air freight.

Transport via air freight has become very expensive over the years and although it’s an option for those with time constraints, the costs are excessive in comparison with ocean transport.

Using the Ro-Ro service is a good option for single vehicles, however the downside is that nothing else can be stored inside the car and it must be in working condition.

The automobiles are driven into the hull of a vessel and shipped this way. The last method for car shipping to Finland is via container.

Consolidation is our expertise and because of this, it’s always the method we recommend. It cuts down costs and when room permits, you can even move some household items inside at no extra cost.

How Long Does it Take and How Much Does it Cost?

In order to be honest to visitors, there are no exact dates and costs because each and every shipment has different variables. However, we will try and give you a general idea.

Durations can vary greatly depending which port your vehicle leaves from. We have five locations across the country and for obvious reasons, we advise shipping from the east coast.

In this scenario ocean times generally take around 30 days from New York to Kotka, our port of entry in Finland. This time frame will be different from our other locations.

The cost to ship a car to Finland also depends on the departure port, type of vehicle, location and a few others.

All things aside, the difference in costs can vary up to $600 when electing to move the car from opposite sides of the U.S. The easiest way to get price estimate is by filling out our quote form.

Customs Duties and Taxes

Depending on the reason for transporting a car to Finland, you may or may not be liable to pay taxes and customs for your automobile.

The instances where individuals qualify to be exempt are such:

  • Your car or other vehicle qualifies as removal goods if you have owned the car for more than 6 months and lived outside Finland permanently for more than a year.
  • Instances where a vehicle is imported for temporary use, less than 6 months of use in the period of a year. This is often the case for contracted work or educational studies and is referred to as a tourist car.

Prior to arriving, you’ll have to submit proof that you meet all the requirements in the form of a customs declaration.

Otherwise, you can be looking at a very expensive process for importing your car. Lastly make sure that all documents are the originals and not copies.

For further information or to find out how much it costs to ship your vehicle to Finland, Contact us or Ask a Car Quote

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Car Shipping to Australia from USA

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Car Shipping to Australia from USA

Shipping Cars to Australia from the USA

When shipping a car to Australia, it’s important to first determine whether or not your vehicle is eligible before you begin researching international car shippers, obtaining quotes and making travel arrangements.

Here are some questions that you should consider before you ship a car to Australia.

  • Are you importing your car permanently or temporarily?
  • Was your car made before or after January 1989?
  • Have you owned it for more than 12 months?

These are just a few of the questions that will determine the eligibility and import category when applying for a vehicle import approval. Not every scenario will be the same. For example those shipping classic cars to Australia may have different eligibility requirements than for a newer car.

Without supplying Australian customs with the import approval, it can result in your car being held in quarantine or worse… being sent back to the US.

That’s why it’s important to use an experienced international car shipping company when transporting a car to Australia. This eliminates any surprise you may encounter upon arrival.

With over 20 years experience shipping cars to Australia and assisting clients with customs clearance and documentation, we’ll make sure the entire process goes smoothly whether you want to ship vehicles via air, containers or roll on roll off.

Our overseas auto transport services offer:

  • Domestic pickup
  • Shipment tracking
  • Vehicle import assistance**
  • US customs clearance
  • Full vehicle inspection report

Shipping Cars to Australia from the USA

US Departures

  • Miami, FL
  • Houston, TX
  • Los Angeles/Long Beach
  • New York/New Jersey
  • Savannah, GA

Which location you use will depend on the method of car shipping to Australia, the location of your vehicle, budget and which services are offered at the nearest port. Below is a table of the different territories in Australia with their respective ports for entry that we service.

Western Australia


New South Wales


South Australie

Auto Transport Methods:
You can ship autos with us using a shared container, sole or roll-on roll-off. To find out the cost to ship a car to Australia using one of these shipping methods, fill out our free quick quote.

Rates will depend on your destination, departure and vehicle information.

The roll-on roll-off method is an alternative option when moving vehicles overseas. Not all departure ports offer the service, so options may be slightly more limited.

This is an option when handling larger vehicles such as work trucks, which is common due to Australia’s mining industry.

The other way to ship a vehicle to Australia is via container. In some cases, this allows you to bring additional items inside your car. With ro-ro, nothing else is allowed inside the vehicle.

Importing Vehicles

For the reasons mentioned above, it is important and we advise that you don’t make any plans to ship your automobile, or purchase a new one, until approval has been issued.

To import vehicles to Australia, you must obtain an IMPORT APPROVAL, or VIA, prior to shipping your vehicle/s. For the reasons mentioned above, it is important and we advise that you don’t make any plans around shipping a car, or purchase a new one, until approval has been issued.

Also, all cars must meet all safety standards and emission levels required by Australia under its Motor Vehicles Standard Act of 1989.

Upon arrival of your vehicle, you will need quarantine clearance from the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. For this step, one must have identification, proof of ownership, valid insurance and compliance with safety standards proof.

**Important Info**

  1. The use of air conditioning emitting CFC gas is banned in Australia, so research your car before you ship.
  2. Those on a tourist or temporary resident visa can import a car for a period of up to 12 months without paying customs duty.
  3. There is a current situation whereby due to quarantine issues relating to a stink bug infestation, we have to fumigate all vehicles shipped from the USA to Australia and New Zealand. Please contact your salesperson for more information.

Taxes and Duties information

  • Vehicles over 30 years old | Duty 0% | GST 10%|
  • New and used vehicles up to 30 years old | Duty 10% | GST 10% |
  • Four wheel drive off road or commercial vehicle | Duty 5% | GST 10% |

For further information or to find out how much it costs to ship your vehicle to Australia, Contact us or Ask a Car Quote

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Car Shipping to New Zealand from USA

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Car Shipping to New Zealand from USA

Shipping Cars to New Zealand from the USA

Shipping a car to New Zealand from USA involves many different steps and it is worth it to start the process early to consider the costs, time frame, travel arrangements and much more.

We’ve put together a brief overview of what to expect, how you can make it happen and when it makes sense.

If you are simply looking for the cost of shipping a car to New Zealand, then we’ll need a few things first including the location, the make and model and the final destination.

This will determine your ocean freight costs, as well as whether you’ll need transport to one of the departure locations (which are below in a different section). 

Does it Make Sense Shipping My Car to New Zealand?

This is probably the first question you should ask yourself and it depends on a few things. First things first, here are some questions to consider:

  • Are you a returning citizen or immigrating to NZ?
  • Does your car meet the New Zealand car compliance standards determined by the New Zealand Transport Agency?
  • Is your car left hand drive, or over 20 years old?

The reason these are important is that they also factor into the cost to import a car to New Zealand and can make a huge difference. The ocean transport is only half of the process.

Generally, personal vehicles must be converted to right hand drive, which will make it very expensive.

If your car is over 20 years old, then you should be able to import it and drive without needing to convert it to a right hand drive (in most cases).

Fortunately, we handle everything on the export side here in the USA, meaning we take care of preparing documentation, customs, loading, drayage, inspection reports, etc.

Our company has over 20 years experience shipping vehicles to NZ including cars, motorcycles, classic automobiles and offers some of the best international car shipping rates.

Once your vehicle arrives in New Zealand, our partners will handle the import process so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Departures and Arrivals: New Zealand Vehicle Shipping

Although we offer roll on roll off car shipping to New Zealand, our recommendation is via container.

Not only is it more flexible, but from experience it is a more secure overseas car shipping method, especially in the case of those moving to New Zealand with furniture and personal effects as well.

US Departures

  • Miami, FL
  • Houston, TX
  • Los Angeles/Long Beach
  • New York/New Jersey
  • Savannah, GA

New Zealand Car Shipping Arrivals

  • Aukland
  • Christchurch
  • Wellington

If you don’t live in one of the major metropolitan areas above we’ll be able to help coordinate inland transport if you don’t want to pick your vehicle up from our agent’s warehouse.

Importing a Car to New Zealand from the USA

As mentioned above, importing your car will depend on:

  • The vehicle in question
  • Your immigration status

If your vehicle is not over 20 years old, then it most cases it won’t make sense to ship it from the US, as the cost to convert will be high, especially if you plan on ever bringing it back to the USA.

However, if your car is more than 20 years old, or the auto that you want to ship is for off road use, then shipping your car won’t be a problem. Because of this, we ship classic cars to New Zealand quite often.

Immigration status will determine what the goods and service tax will be for your vehicle upon import.

The standard in NZ is a GST of 15% which is based not only on the value of the car but the ocean freight and insurance as well.

There are exceptions for returning residents, and new immigrants which allow you to import a car to New Zealand as long as you have owned and used the car for more than 12 months, and meet a few other criteria.

Shipping Car from New Zealand to the USA

Although not as frequent, as cars in NZ are right hand drive and therefore face the same issue in terms of frontal impact standards and LHD conversion, we do import cars to the US from New Zealand.

There is also an age cut off, meaning if your car is over 20 years old then it will be much easier to import.

We have a dedicated import specialist who can tell you exactly what needs to be done and whether or not it will be worthwhile.

For further information or to find out how much it costs to ship your vehicle to New Zealand, Contact us or Ask a Car Quote

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