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Car Shipping to UAE from USA

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Shipping Cars to UAE from the USA

Looking to ship a car from the USA to Dubai, Abu Dhabi or another destination in the United Arab Emirates?

The actual process is simple and after more than 20 years shipping cars from the USA, we are able to offer some of the most competitive container rates in the industry.

Fortunately, there are no age limits for vehicles when importing a car to the UAE. The main difference will be in the form of duties and taxes.

However, as of 2015, conditions have changed slightly when importing vehicles in UAE from the USA and non GCC countries. Read the section below for up to date requirements.

Importing a Car to UAE from USA

The items that we will need from you in order to ship your car include:

  • An invoice (bill of sale)
  • Identification
  • Valid title
  • Valid UAE residence Visa

If you are a resident of the following AGCC countries, then you will not need the residence Visa listed above:

  1. Bahrain
  2. Kuwait
  3. Oman
  4. Qatar
  5. Saudi Arabia
  6. UAE

If you are importing cars in Dubai from the USA, and are not a resident of the above listed Arab GCCs, then you will need to obtain a valid UAE residence visa prior to importing your car.

Our car shipping specialists can best direct you how this can be done.

Three Ways to Ship a Car to the United Arab Emirates

Each and every shipment is different, and the methods used for transporting vehicles are more appropriate in some situations compared to others.

Container Services

Our expertise is in consolidated container shipments and this is the method we recommend. Transporting a car to the UAE using this method offers very competitive rates.

If you would prefer to ship a car to Dubai in its own container, we provide this service as well. It costs more but it can cut down the arrival time.

If you are moving to Dubai or Abu Dhabi, this would also allow you to put a reasonable amount of your belongings inside the container.


The port in Dubai does offer this service although not every port does. It stands for roll-on roll-off. Cars are transported inside the shipping vessel and secured within the hull. Car shipping to the UAE via RoRo will involve transhipping.


Shipping a car to the United Arab Emirates via air freight is by far the quickest way to get it overseas.

So if you absolutely must deliver a vehicle short notice, this is a possibility. However, it is very expensive and you’re better off selecting a container service.

*All the cars we ship via ocean container will arrive in Dubai where your vehicle will be unloaded and inspected by customs.

Our UAE Car Shipping Services

If you’ve already decided to ship your car, then you know that there are two different aspects: exporting the vehicle and importing the vehicle.

For the export side here in the USA, we offer:

  • US customs clearance
  • Domestic pickup (if you need it)
  • Inspection at our warehouse with images
  • 24/7 online tracking

We’ll also make sure that you have all the necessary documents for importing your vehicle to the UAE before it leaves the U.S.

Once it arrives, our agents will help you with the import process and the associated destination fees.

Costs, Importation and Customs in Dubai

Costs are calculated using space and also vary depending on the method of transport. Since it’s impossible for us to know these, we can’t supply an accurate cost until we’ve got your location and vehicle information.

We can however give you an idea of what you’ll have to pay once it arrives. Dubai has favorable duties on cars. You’ll have to pay 5% of the total value including insurance and transport.

They’ll base this amount on the invoice of the vehicle.

How Long Will it Take to Ship a Car to UAE?

Car shipping to the UAE entails transshipments which mean slightly longer sail times. If you want to move a car from New York or another east coast location, sail times are between 3 and 5 weeks. From the west coast, cars will be on the water between 5 and 7 weeks.

For further information or to find out how much it costs to ship your vehicle to UAE, Contact us or Ask a Car Quote

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Car Shipping to Turkey from USA

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Shipping Cars to Turkey from the USA

In line with the custom regulations of Turkey, the only way a foreigner can ship their car to the country and import it is if they are moving to Turkey for work, retirement or education.

Should you fall into one of these categories, the next step would be to obtain an alien vehicles temporary entry card, or blue card as it’s referred to. The only place that you can get this special entry card is from the Turkish Touring and Automobile Union.

Customs Tax on Cars Shipped to Turkey

The customs fee for cars depends on the vehicle’s engine size and age and also whether you are obtaining temporary status or applying for a residence permit.

Obtaining Temporary Entry for Your Vehicle

To obtain the entry card, you need to first pay a fee and present the following documents:

  • Residence permit (for work, education or retirement purposes)
    • Your work permit (if you are a foreigner working in Turkey)
    • Foreign retirees need a document indicating the amount of their retirement pension
    • For students, a certificate from their school
  • Passport and a photocopy
  • Valid driving license and photocopy
  • Proof of ownership (registration documents, purchase invoice)
  • Proof of insurance valid in Turkey

After the temporary entry card has been issued for the imported vehicle, you must take it to the customs office to pay the fee. In addition, if you are registering the vehicle you have to go to the Turkish Traffic Department Directorate in the specific province that you received residence.

Important Deadlines for Auto Shipping to Turkey

For those adhering to the temporary entry card status, the foreign plated vehicle can only be used in Turkey for a duration of 6 months in a 12 month period.

Once the time is up, the car must leave Turkey for a minimum of 6 months before the process can be repeated. The maximum amount of time this can be done is two. Under certain circumstance, those with a retirement visa can bring their car into Turkey for up to one year before the vehicle must leave.

For further information or to find out how much it costs to ship your vehicle to Turkey, Contact us or Ask a Car Quote

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Car Shipping to Switzerland from USA

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Shipping Cars to Switzerland from the USA

There are many questions that come up before you ship your vehicle abroad. You first have to determine which regulations and classifications apply to your personal situation. Switzerland, for example, makes the distinction between undeclared vehicles, meaning essentially the vehicle has no prior registration and has not been taxed, vehicles for temporary use, and relocation to Switzerland from a foreign country.

Different Scenarios When Importing Your Car

Instance 1:

  • You must declare your vehicle the first chance you get with customs and only in person. You will be liable for customs duties as well as the VAT.
  • All vehicles which are imported or driven across the border are subject to a technical test.

Instance 2:

  • Temporary visitors with residence abroad can operate their vehicle without paying import duties. After filling out the documentation, Form 15.30, a simple permit is required. It is applicable to foreign employees, students and interns and lasts for two years.

Instance 3:

  • If one is moving to Switzerland, the car will be duty free if it was used for at least 6 months abroad under your ownership.
  • Registering the vehicle is required after customs in the canton where you have declared residence.

For more information, please visit the Swiss Customs Administration website.

How Swiss Duties are Calculated for Motor Vehicles

  1. Rates are the same for used and new cars
  2. Depending on weight and motor size, rates can range from 12 to 15 CHF per 100kg or 220Lbs. (applies to motorcycles shipped into Switzerland as well)
  3. VAT is 8%, based upon an assessment of the value of the car
  4. Currency is converted into Swiss Francs and duties are payable in cash upon entry

3 Car Related Facts About Switzerland

  1. It was once illegal to slam your car door
  2. Every car with snow tires must have a sticker that reminds the driver not to drive faster than 160 km/h with the tires on
  3. There is a fine for leaving the keys in your unlocked car.

For further information or to find out how much it costs to ship your vehicle to Switzerland, Contact us or Ask a Car Quote

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